About Us

Our Mission

The Wisconsin Walking Horse Association strives for unity of purpose, educational development, promotion of the breed, and enjoyment by all.

Our Unity of Purpose

The Wisconsin Walking Horse Association’s purpose is to:

  • Embrace and promote all the aspects of our breed.
  • Provide quality education in equine management, riding and training.
  • Sponsor fairly judged shows that exhibit the gaits of the Tennessee Walking Horse, and pleasure events & activities.
  • Provide enjoyable opportunities for social interaction with other horse enthusiasts.

Our Principles

Our members will treat all equine owners, trainers, breeders, visitors, and our horses with respect, dignity, professionalism and integrity.

Our Values

  • We value open, honest communication, teamwork, and commitment to our mission.
  • We value and promote the health, well being, and quality of the TWH.
  • We value and promote the participation of our members in our continuous journey to become better equine owners, riders and trainers.
  • We value new members, welcome diversity, promote education and invite new ideas.