The WWHA’s Distance Riding/Driving Award Program provides a source of recognition for owners, riders, and horses who enjoy the benefits gained from pleasure trail riding/driving on a regular basis.

The program has two divisions: Horse (one horse and rider pair) and Rider (one rider, any number of horses).

The program year runs November 1 – October 31. The cost is $10 per horse or rider per division per year.

Riding hours are recorded in the horse’s/rider’s Log Book. The program is based on the honor system

Awards will be presented in January. Hours will be accumulated throughout the horse’s or rider’s lifetime with recognition noted at the following levels of accomplishment:

  • 50 hours
  • 100 hours
  • 250 hours
  • 500 hours
  • 1000 hours

Download the program application (PDF) to get started!-- Link Coming Shortly

Program Rules:

  1. Horse Division: To obtain hours both owner and rider must be WWHA members. Designed with the one horse/one rider combination concept, the horse owner(s) and rider must be current WWHA members in good standing. A horse entered in the Horse Division must be a TWHBEA registered Tennessee Walking Horse. The horse/rider combination will log hours spent riding or driving on the trails. An owner may nominate more than one horse.
  2. Rider Division: To obtain hours only the rider must be a WWHA member. Designed for the one rider w/multiple horses concept, the rider must be a current WWHA member in good standing. Horses used in the Rider’s Division may be any breed. The Rider will log hours spent riding or driving on the trails. Any horse used in the Rider Division will not be allowed to also log hours in the Horse Division.
  3. All riding/driving hours must be recorded in the Log Book. It is the horse’s or rider’s official record of hours ridden. To log riding/driving time, a minimum of one hour must be ridden; every half hour thereafter is qualified to be logged. Logged time consists of hours spent in actual forward motion. (You should not count time spent sitting and visiting, picnicking, traveling to and from the ride, or getting ready for the ride.)
  4. The Log Book is the official record used to record either the horse’s hours ridden/driven or the rider’s riding/driving hours. A separate Log Book will be issued and must be used for each horse or rider registered in their respective programs. The WWHA will not accept logged hours on any other document.
  5. Awards will be presented to the rider or horse owner. Owners and riders must be members in good standing of the Wisconsin Walking Horse Association during the time the hours are accumulated, as well as at the time of award recognition.
  6. Hours will accumulate throughout the horse’s or rider’s lifetime with recognition noted at the following levels of accomplishment:
    • 50 Hours
    • 100 Hours
    • 250 Hours
    • 500 Hours
    • 1000 Hours
  7. After reaching 1000 hours, awards are then earned in 500 hour increments.
  8. This program will run from Nov. 1 through Oct. 31. Point books may be submitted at any time during the year to have points documented but they must be submitted and postmarked by November 30th of each year to count toward that year’s high point awards to be held at the January WWHA General Membership meeting. Log books will be returned once recorded.
  9. Cost = $10 per horse or rider per year for current WWHA members.
  10. At each award plateau Log Books must be returned to WWHA in order to receive awards. Log Book will be recorded and returned. Horses’ and Riders’ accomplishments will also be acknowledged at the annual awards night ceremony held at the WWHA January general membership meeting.
  11. Send your Log Book to:
  12. Kim Sizer

For more info call Kim Sizer at 920.674.3715 or email her here.